1st Post – About me

Hi everyone !

I figured I would introduce me as if someone were asking me the questions, so that you could first know about me & what I’m doing here.

“Who are you ?”

I am just an ordinary French woman writing in the English language. This choice I made is due to my studies : I have a bachelor degree of Arts in English language & literature, and I am currently doing my Master.

“Why did you choose music as a topic ?”

I could simply answer you by saying that music is my passion, but obviously you would need to have more details. To comment on music, you must know about it if you want to scrutinize a musical piece. Lucky me, I was educated when I was young with what we, French people, call “Solfège” – meaning  learning how to read notes, learning rhythms, etc. – something that we usually hate (don’t ask me why).

Moreover, I have been a pianist since I was 8 and I love classical music (mostly the romantic & modern periods). Therefore, with my experience, I do acknowledge that I know enough about music to discuss musical pieces – though I must add & say clearly that I did not study music at university, so I also do not have a professional experience.

The reason why I chose to comment on music is undoubtedly because I like sharing my interests and I want people to explore these universes & the meaning these musics reveal.

“But why video games ?”

I know how surprising it could be that a woman likes video games, and I will simply & kindly tell that our gender does not determine our tastes. I am proud to like video games and I used to play quite a lot when I was an adolescent. I was crazy about RPG games, and mostly the Final Fantasy universe. As expected, I fell in love with the musics that were composed for the Final Fantasy games. Of course it will be seen through my articles, but I promise you I will try not to stick too much to this universe… !

“So you also like TV series ?”

I certainly do ! Nowadays I actually spend much more time watching TV series than playing video games, due to several reasons. I would say I mostly watch DC Comics & Marvel TV series, however I watch so many that I would not even be able to tell you which genre I prefer.

“And… ?”

Well, that’s all ! I am also open to suggestions to comment on a musical piece of a TV series or a video game even though I do not know about it. If the piece is relevant to me, I will surely discuss it.


That’s it for now ! I will post my first analysis by the end of next week, and it will be about a music from a Final Fantasy game.


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